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Book Signings in December!

On December 14th I will be at Shirley Plantation in beautiful Charles City, Virginia, for a book signing from 1-4 pm.  I will be joined by Cynthia Howerter, co-author (with LaTan Murphy) of "God's Provision in Tough Times" which I contributed to.  Also, Mary Miley will be signing copies of both her Christmas books and her recent mystery release, which won an award for best debut in suspense and mystery.  Afterwards, we'll be dining at the Charles City Tavern.

This coming Friday and Saturday, December 6th and 7th I'll be signing copies of my books at Edgehill Community Center in Yorktown, Virginia.

I will have a guaranteed minimum of TEN sets of the "A Cup of Christmas Cheer" book set from Guidepost Books at EACH of the book signings.  These wonderful hardcover gift sets SOLD OUT in their first printing and have already gone into second print!  So if you are in the vicinity of either book signing, that would be a great place to get your hands on these popular books immediately!

A Cup of Christmas Cheer Blog Hop

This year I contributed to A Cup of Christmas Cheer by Guideposts Books.  My story "Snowed In" is in Volume One Tales of Faith and Family for the Holidays. And praise the Lord, the a second print run has already had to take place! I heard the first run was 28,000, so that means a lot of these wonderful books flew right out of the warehouse within only weeks of their arrival!  Praying the stories will bless all the readers!

Six authors will be doing a Blog Hop that will conclude on the Colonial Quills  blog at the end of November.  The Grand Prize winner will be announced on CQ!  BUT--before then you need to visit each of the Blog Hop stops. Each blog "hop" or stop will have a giveaway. And at the end of all the hops there will be a Grand Prize to someone who has visited and commented on every blog stop.  A $70.00 porcelain tea set from Yorktown's Victory Center will be part of the Grand Prize along with other gifts such as a $10 Amazon card, $10 Amazon gift card, $10 Starbucks gift card, special hot cocoa packets and more! Possibly one of the best contributions to the giveaway is an actual SET of the two books. One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive the entire Grand Prize package from the six authors who participated.

Here's the schedule:

Friday, November 8th, Carla Olson Gade is on Carrie Fancett Pagels' blog 

Saturday, November 9th,   Ashley Clark is on Anita Mae Draper's blog.

Saturday, November 16th, Anita Mae Draper is on Johnnie Alexander Donley's blog.

Sunday Nov 17th  Julie Carobini on Ashley Clark's blog 

Friday, November 22nd,  Carrie Fancett Pagels is on Carla Olson Gade's blog.

Saturday, November 23rd,  Johnnie Alexander Donley is on Julie Carobini's blog 

Friday, November 29th,  Colonial Quills Blog to announce Grand Prize winner.

At just under $19 for both hardcover books, that seems a bargain.  To order from Guidepost Books, click here.
A Cup of Christmas Cheer Two Volume Set, From Guidepost Books
Here are the authors and their story titles in the two-volume set of Christmas short stories:

Joy and Wonder Volume Two:
Liz Johnson

Linda S. Clare

Johnnie Alexander Donley

Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews

Ashley Clark

Julie Carobini

Marilyn Turk

Ginger Kolbaba

Faith and Family Volume One:
Susan Page Davis

Jenness Walker

Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews

Jessica Keller

Anita Draper

Carla Gade Olson

Carrie Fancett Pagels

Jennifer Johnson

Mark your calendars now for the Blog Hop!  And order some copies now of these faith-filled holiday stories for your friends and family!

My Alive in Christ radio interview from last night, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, can be accessed by clicking on this link and then clicking on the Download button!

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47th Review of Return to Shirley Plantation - by Sylvia A. Sentz, A Five Star Review

Return to Shirley Plantation by Carrie Fancett Pagels
What a nice discovery this morning!  This would have been my mother's 83rd birthday had she survived her Whipple surgery three years ago.  I like to think Mom is smiling down from heaven at this Five Star review by Sylvia.  Thank you to Sylvia for reading and reviewing Return to Shirley Plantation which is a story about obedience to God and His direction.

Where the past & present collideJuly 25, 2013
In Return to Shirley Plantation I was swept back in American history to the Civil War in the south. As the novella unfolded I felt like I stepped onto Shirley Plantation experiencing the full depth and breadth of the characters emotions, smells, and how the war affected the Shirley Plantation family, soldiers, and the soldiers families.

For those who doubt God has a greater plan read this book and see how our lives are entwined. How God hears our wishes and desire and how faith, patience, and obedience on our part help those plans to unfold.

I adore Angelina Scott! Some may see her as a beautiful deceiver pretending to be a widow mourning while guarding her heritage and her sister's children. I see her strength, patience, and obedience in God. Her love for her family. I see the love of family overcoming the experiences associated with war between the north and south.

How lives who are meant to meet do meet and how protected secrets revealed face to face our more alive and full of meaning then words can ever express. Just when I thought I knew a character another secret was artfully revealed.

I wanted the book to never end I want to follow Angelina through old age. Bring on volume 2!

Endorsement by Lisa Norato for Return to Shirley Plantation: A Civil War Romance

Return to Shirley Plantation by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Endorsement by Lisa Norato:

I was hooked by the first line with the beautiful writing. The story itself quickly reeled me in with the conflicts of its two, endearing, main characters. Carrie Fancett Pagels makes history come alive with her words and brings her southern setting to life so that I felt I was right there on a gorgeous Virginia plantation in the midst of the Civil War.

It is 1862 and thespian Matthew Scott is abducted from Ohio and the theater troupe he manages. He is conscripted against his will into serving with the Confederate army because of his father's political leanings. He is not a soldier and feels lost and out of place as he follows the troops to Shirley Plantation in Virginia. There he meets the lovely Angelina Rose and begins to feel some hope and the stirrings of love. With her fair skin, Matt does not know Angie is a freed slave of mixed race. She was given an opportunity to leave the south and start a new life for herself, but she did not take it because she has been working as a seamstress to earn the freedom of her deceased sister's illegitimate twins. Matt knows nothing of this. He only knows that he is falling in love with a mysterious woman, and there is something very suspicious about his father's claims of having no family.

A lot of story is packed into this beautiful, redemptive novella. It was a pure joy to read and reminded me of why I love reading historical romance novels!

(CFP: I am grateful to Lisa for giving me my first author endorsement for my debut novella! Lisa is a stellar author and so her words are especially appreciated!)

Laura Frantz's Review of "Return to Shirley Plantation"

A Shining Debut!
RETURN TO SHIRLEY PLANTATION is a finely crafted story set in a storybook location rife with history, mystery, and romance. With rich historical detail and finely tuned characterization, the author takes the novella to a new level, drawing on her knowledge of history and the era within. A great addition to a historical lover's library, sure to sit on many a keeper shelf. I had planned to savor the book and go slowly but the storyline wraps round your heart and head and pulls you in completely. I look forward to reading more from this author in future. An extraordinary debut!