Under Contract With Pelican Book Group

My novel, currently entitled 
Saving the Marquise's Granddaughter, 
is under contract with 
Pelican Book Group 
in the White Rose imprint. 

My first set of edits have been submitted to the editor. This is very exciting and I'll be giving an update soon!

Endorsement for "The Fruitcake Challenge" - Review by Julie Lessman


The Fruitcake Challenge (Christmas Traditions Book 3) (Kindle Edition)

When it comes to cooking up delectable romance, Carrie Fancett Pagels is quickly becoming a chef extraordinaire in the Christian market, and her latest “dish”—The Fruitcake Challenge—is downright delicious!

With a plot as fresh as the fruitcakes baked by the ladies of the Christy logging camp, romance is in the air when a handsome new logger dares the camp’s pretty cook to “bake a fruitcake like my mother’s, and I’ll propose.” Toss in a hint of mischief and a whole lot of sass, and the challenge is on! And so is the fun with a delightful Christmas story so sweet, you’ll be savoring it long after the last bite.

CFP: Thanks, Julie, for such a sweet review!!!

Review/Endorsement by MaryLuTyndall

Whether you like fruitcake or not, you'll love this story!

What do you get when you cross a spunky camp cook with a hunky lumberjack? Lots of sparks and lots of fruitcake! The author has really come into her own with this story. It's light, romantic, witty, and just plain fun. Plus the setting of a lumber camp out in the middle of nowhere, Michigan is unique for a Christian Romance. I love a hero and heroine who don't really like each other at first. Or at least one of the doesn't, as is the case with Jo. She knows the lumberjack type and she wants nothing to do with Tom. Or does she? As the story progresses and Tom declares he'll marry any woman who can make a fruitcake as good as him Mom's, Jo becomes unusually obsessed with doing just that! Don't miss this great story that will definitely put you in the mood, not only for Christmas, but for a big piece of fruitcake!

The Fruitcake Challenge Available on Amazon - On Several Best Seller Lists!

Link to purchase on Amazon: Click here.

Praise the Lord!  My novella is at #3 on the Hot New Releases in Christian Historical Romance today. It's been on the list since it released a week ago. And it is also on several other regular (not new releases) lists for Christian Historical Romance, PTL!

Only 99 cents!!!  The Christmas Traditions series will keep the initial price low on all eight of the novellas in the series.  Cynthia Hickey's and Niki Turner's first two books are also available and both are likewise on best seller lists on Amazon. To God be the glory.

The Barnes & Noble ebook and the paperback should be releasing within two weeks.

"The Fruitcake Challenge" by Carrie Fancett Pagels, Releases in Two Weeks!

The Fruitcake Challenge by Carrie Fancett Pagels, Part of the Christmas Traditions Series

Getting excited! 
In under two weeks my 34,000 word novella will release with a group of authors in the Christmas Traditions Series.  It does almost seem like giving birth, even in so far as I'm not sure of the exact delivery date. But soon--very soon!
Author Carrie Fancett Pagels Book Signing at Shirley Plantation, December 2013
Looking forward to my upcoming book signing at Tahquamenon Logging Museum in Newberry, Michigan, on Saturday and Sunday July 26th and 27th! Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Book Signing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

Box of A Cup of Christmas Cheer Books from Guidepost Books

Here is the under 100 words blurb I wrote up for my book signing in late July in Michigan's beautiful upper peninsula.  I'll be at the Tahquamenon Logging Museum in Michigan.  They are doing Lumberjack Breakfasts and also a music festival. I will be the first author they've had doing a book signing at it which is really neat!

The two book set is now available for purchase at the museum's store.  Thank you to Rose Anderson for your help!

Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D. (www.carriefancettpagels.com) is author the short story, “Snowed In,” part of Guidepost Books A Cup of Christmas Cheer (October 2013), which sold out of 30,000 copies two weeks after the first print run. “Snowed In” was set at her great-grandparents’ log cabin, which is part of the Tahquamenon Logging Museum site. She is the granddaughter of Maude Carrie Williams. Carrie, a former psychologist, resides in Virginia with her family but grew up in Newberry. She will be signing books at the festival from 10-12 Saturday and Sunday.

Link to purchase the two book set http://www.shopguideposts.org/a-cup-of-christmas-cheer.html