47th Review of Return to Shirley Plantation - by Sylvia A. Sentz, A Five Star Review

Return to Shirley Plantation by Carrie Fancett Pagels
What a nice discovery this morning!  This would have been my mother's 83rd birthday had she survived her Whipple surgery three years ago.  I like to think Mom is smiling down from heaven at this Five Star review by Sylvia.  Thank you to Sylvia for reading and reviewing Return to Shirley Plantation which is a story about obedience to God and His direction.

Where the past & present collideJuly 25, 2013
In Return to Shirley Plantation I was swept back in American history to the Civil War in the south. As the novella unfolded I felt like I stepped onto Shirley Plantation experiencing the full depth and breadth of the characters emotions, smells, and how the war affected the Shirley Plantation family, soldiers, and the soldiers families.

For those who doubt God has a greater plan read this book and see how our lives are entwined. How God hears our wishes and desire and how faith, patience, and obedience on our part help those plans to unfold.

I adore Angelina Scott! Some may see her as a beautiful deceiver pretending to be a widow mourning while guarding her heritage and her sister's children. I see her strength, patience, and obedience in God. Her love for her family. I see the love of family overcoming the experiences associated with war between the north and south.

How lives who are meant to meet do meet and how protected secrets revealed face to face our more alive and full of meaning then words can ever express. Just when I thought I knew a character another secret was artfully revealed.

I wanted the book to never end I want to follow Angelina through old age. Bring on volume 2!