Review/Endorsement by MaryLuTyndall

Whether you like fruitcake or not, you'll love this story!

What do you get when you cross a spunky camp cook with a hunky lumberjack? Lots of sparks and lots of fruitcake! The author has really come into her own with this story. It's light, romantic, witty, and just plain fun. Plus the setting of a lumber camp out in the middle of nowhere, Michigan is unique for a Christian Romance. I love a hero and heroine who don't really like each other at first. Or at least one of the doesn't, as is the case with Jo. She knows the lumberjack type and she wants nothing to do with Tom. Or does she? As the story progresses and Tom declares he'll marry any woman who can make a fruitcake as good as him Mom's, Jo becomes unusually obsessed with doing just that! Don't miss this great story that will definitely put you in the mood, not only for Christmas, but for a big piece of fruitcake!