Endorsement from Julie Lessman

Endorsement for The Lumberjacks' Ball by Julie Lessman

I'm not exactly sure how she did it (other than raw, unadulterated talent!), but Carrie Fancett Pagels managed to infuse a deep, rich, full-novel feel into her latest novella as few others have been able to do.

I am an author and reader who thrives on a well-woven story, especially one interlaced with a wealth of a colorful cast. You know, those quirky and lovable subordinate characters who surround the hero and heroine -- and the reader -- with a magical feeling of family? This is one of the things I liked best about this remarkable novella, along with the heart-tugging romance, the hint of mystery, and the vivid setting of life and lumber in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, especially Mackinac Island. Not only did I feel like I was there, surrounded by the scent of inland seas, sawdust, and fresh pine, but I missed both the setting and the characters for days on end after turning the last page.

All of Miss Pagels' books are wonderful, but I must say that The Lumberjack's Ball is now my favorite, which tells me not only is Carrie Fancett Pagels a fresh new voice in sweet romance, but an author who simply gets better and better with every single book she pens.